Pearson ResultsPlus

ResultsPlus and ResultsPlus Direct are online results analysis tools for teachers and students that give a detailed breakdown of performances in exams.

Widely used by teachers across the country, ResultsPlus provides the most detailed analysis available of students’ performance. It helps teachers to identify topics and skills where students could benefit from further learning, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their subject.

The Brief

DDL originally consulted with Pearson in 2005 to originate the concept of ResultPlus. The idea was to fulfill Pearson's need to provide an attractive representation of exam data for analysis.

Our thoughts

Pearson required a solution that makes exam results available and provides analysis to teachers, students and school managers. We created ResultsPlus to provide comparison of results with other schools, areas and national averages which gives teachers analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. It can also provide the same functionality for teachers to analyse their own mock exams.


Efficiently linked to Pearson exam result databases, the application provides clear and useful analysis that supports effective learning and teaching approaches. Teachers and students can identify potential topics, skills and types of questions needed to develop learning further.


ResultsPlus allows comparison of results with other schools, areas and national averages. It gives teachers analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and helps teachers to obtain similar analysis for their own mock exams.


An attractive representation of Pearson exam data featuring a fully responsive, cross-platform interface that is accessible and easy to use.

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