Expert consultancy

We have a proven track record for delivering expert advice. We have decades of industry experience and carry out rigorous research of current teaching and learning methods. This ensures that we help clients to determine the very best approach for their learning needs.

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Old news is no news. It’s important to keep up with what’s happening around you. Our primary aim is to provide you with the best advice and help you to deliver your products in the most appropriate way. We are constantly engaged in research of up to date teaching and learning techniques to make sure we understand the current market.


You need to put theory into practice. The best advice comes from those with real world experience. DDL has been in the e-learning and training software business for over since 1999. Some of our staff have years of experience in traditional teaching environment which gives us the knowledge and understanding to help find you the best approach for your learning needs.


You are in safe hands. Making important business decisions can be daunting, so when seeking help you need to ask the right people. We have a proven track record for delivering sound advice that leads to successful business solutions for our clients across a wide range of sectors. We take great pride in our high level of customer satisfaction.

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