The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) is the statutory organisation, national training provider and awarding body with responsibility for the training and development of the UK’s engineering construction workforce. Acting on behalf of the industry, the ECITB works closely with Government and employers to attract, develop and qualify engineering construction personnel in hundreds of skills and disciplines.

The Brief

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) wanted to create a tool to make it easier for school-leavers, graduates and existing workers to find appropriate jobs in the engineering construction industry or discover what prospects and opportunities are available to them.

Our thoughts

ECITB challenged us to develop an original and innovative approach to the task of delivering what could be seen as fairly dull information. They wanted a unique approach to searching for and displaying job information as well as an interesting way for users to research career progression.


It was important for Engineering your future to stand out from the other tools available so we created a system that gives users, regardless of their background, a unique way of finding and mapping their desired career path. This represented a big move away from the usual method of compiling long lists of information that users have to tirelessly navigate to find what they are looking for.


The user interface is designed to provide the most appropriate search tools for users, whether they have just completed their education, are looking to progress their careers or change roles within the industry. The progression route map is designed to allow them to easily plot and research their next career move.


The careers route map contains nearly 200 job roles and is growing, thanks to the integrated editor. Each role contains detailed information such as a job description, the qualifications required and hints and tips to help achieve the role. The system also contains real life case studies from industry professionals, giving users an understanding of how other people furthered their careers within the engineering and construction industry.

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