E-qual Electronic Portfolio is an online eportfolio and assessment tool created with a real understanding of the assessment process, developed through knowledge of education and training sectors and backed up by real industry experience.

Background to E-qual Electronic Portfolio

E-qual was first introduced in 2005 and has since been adopted by awarding bodies, colleges, training providers and various industries. Since its inception it has been used by many organisations to deliver assessment, training and compency throughout the UK and abroad.

Our thoughts

E-qual Electronic Portfolio was one of the first e-portfolios to be launched and has since been effectively used by many varied organisations. We utilised our own educational experience and software skills, together with knowledge and advice of assessment specialists to create and continually update this comprehensive assessment system.

Increase productivity

E-qual Electronic Portfolio saves time over paper-based assessment. An online system reduces the amount spent on travel, eliminates postage costs and reduces the administration burden. This ensures that assessments are delivered quicker, increasing productivity.

Increase assessment quality

Our system enables an assessment team to deliver higher quality assessments by giving them more flexible access to candidates and their e-portfolios. A reduction in administration allows them to expand their caseload by working more efficiently.

By easily tracking their candidates' progress, assessors can deliver higher quality assessment by quickly identifying and addressing any issues, leading to a reduction in the completion time of assessments.

Improve internal quality assurance

The efficiency of your quality assurance or verification process is greatly improved through automated reporting, whilst the audit trail of activity within the software leads to better quality assurance.

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