Our E-qual Competence Assurance software will save a company money by ensuring their competence assurance processes are efficient. It will support and encourage the workforce and help you to deliver a more accurate and comprehensive compliance programme.

Background to E-qual Competence Assurance

E-qual is the most comprehensive competence assurance management system available today. It has evolved over the last 10 years, informed by extensive client use, thorough research and consultation with industry.

Our thoughts

As a result of research and consulting various industry professionals, we developed E-qual Competence Assurance with extensive competence tracking and reporting functionality. This enables businesses to successfully implement their competence assurance processes.

Reduce costs

Save money by streamlining the full competence assurance management process.


Add details of users, frameworks and other settings quickly using our intuitive administration interface.


Our dynamic online system will reduce travel overheads and the assessment costs required to monitor workers.


Comprehensive customisable reporting tools eliminate manual data analysis tasks with instantly available competence data.

Increase efficiency

Reduce the resources required to manage, assess and report on competency assurance.

Flexible setup

A full range of settings and options ensures E-qual can be configured to suit any business.

Always available

A centrally hosted online solution provide users with the power to manage the full competence assurance process at any time.

Comprehensive reporting

A range of easily configurable reports based on live and historical competence data provides accurate analysis.

Monitor competence

Workers competence achievements are available in a range of easy to understand and flexible on-demand reports.

Live and historic

Up to the minute data is combined with historical snapshots to provide a detailed analysis of competence assurance progress.


Easily accessible reports can be filtered according to many parameters such as client, location, job role, site and much more.


Up to date, multi-level reports are easily available at any time to provide a snapshot of compliance.

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