Competency and compliance

Our compliance software helps to maximise the efficiency of a workforce by quickly and accurately measuring knowledge and skills. This enables businesses to easily analyse data to identify and address training needs.

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Need to keep on top of things? It’s vital to be able to monitor the level of understanding of your workforce. We create software that quickly and accurately measures competence levels, enabling you to effectively plan and fulfil your organisation’s training needs and ensure your staff can do their jobs safely and effectively.


What are you going to do with all that data? Reporting systems should deliver your data quickly and easily and in a format that makes sense. We strive to deliver management and reporting systems that give you the valuable data you require, at your convenience, in a well presented and logical format.


Is it working hard enough for you? The main goal of compliance systems should be to quickly and effectively measure the knowledge, skills and abilities of your staff and assist in the development of a more productive workforce. We deliver systems that maximise your efficiency by doing just this.

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